1. Who's using your services?
We're a AAA-rated wholesaler that on any given day have millions of dollars in offers outstanding with the big retail chains (boat dealers call us on a daily basis to receive firm offers on their trade-in boats). We also cater to individuals who either don't have the time, or the interest to deal with the hassle of marketing their boat by themselves and wants to cash out TODAY.

2. Do I need to bring my boat to your store before you can make a firm offer?
No. Based on the information that you supply (make, model, condition, etc) in your online submission and follow-up phone calls we are able to give you a firm quote over the phone. Our offer is pending physical inspection (we either come see your boat in person or send one of our contracted inspectors).

3. How long is your offer good for?
Our offer is valid for 7 days.

4. I need cash for my boat TODAY! What do I need to do?
We are able to purchase your boat on the spot granted that we can verify its condition and that the boat has a free and clear title. The fastest way is to stop by our office with the boat and the title during regular business hours. Once you have agreed to our offer we will fund you immediately (we bank with SunTrust who has an office around the corner from our store). Please make sure to bring any manuals and maintenance records as well as any and all accessories (canvas, keys, etc).

5. I have a loan on my boat? How do you address that?
Please contact your lending institution to get the exact payoff on your loan. If our offer exceedes your note, we will first pay off the lender, and then you. If you're "upside down", i.e. you owe more than what we are offering, then we will pay the lender the agreed upon purchase price and you will have to pay the difference at the same time in order to satisfy the lien and get the title released.

6. On what criteria do you base your offer?
We have over 20 years of professional buying experience in the marine industry and our company has bought and re-sold some 10.000 boats since the late 80's. The main criteria for our offer is the marketability of your boat.

7. I don't have a trailer or cannot move my boat. Can you arrange pick-up?
Yes. We have a fleet of trucks and trailers available and would be glad to to pick up your boat at your location (marina with loading facilities or boat ramp).


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